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Mooring Spring Inspection

Ensuring the safety and reliability of maritime infrastructure, mooring spring inspections are a vital aspect of maritime maintenance. Our meticulous examination of mooring springs guarantees their resilience and functionality, contributing to the secure mooring of vessels and safeguarding against potential risks.

Winter Mooring Drops

Winter conditions demand a strategic approach to mooring. Our winter mooring drops service is tailored to address the unique challenges presented by harsh weather. We deploy effective solutions to enhance mooring stability during the colder months, providing peace of mind for vessel owners and operators.

Marina Maintenance

Preserving the integrity and aesthetics of marinas is central to our comprehensive maintenance service. From structural upkeep to ensuring the cleanliness of facilities, our marina maintenance team is dedicated to creating an inviting and efficient environment for both leisure and commercial marine activities.

Marine Construction

As pioneers in marine construction, we bring innovative solutions to the water. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of projects, from building marine structures to coastal protection initiatives. We leverage cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to deliver robust and enduring marine construction projects.

New Mooring Installation

Facilitating safe and secure mooring solutions, our new mooring installation service combines precision and efficiency. We tailor installations to meet specific vessel requirements, employing industry best practices to guarantee the durability and reliability of the mooring system.

3.2u NDT Inspection

Ensuring the structural integrity of marine components is paramount. Our 3.2u NDT inspection service employs advanced non-destructive testing methods, providing accurate assessments of materials and welds. This meticulous inspection contributes to the longevity and safety of marine assets.

Dive Surveys

Delving into the depths, our dive surveys provide a comprehensive understanding of underwater structures and conditions. Our experienced dive team conducts thorough inspections, delivering valuable insights for maintenance, repairs, and assessments in a wide range of marine environments.

Hull Cleaning

Maintaining vessel performance is at the core of our hull cleaning service. Employing eco-friendly practices, we remove biofouling and contaminants from hulls, optimizing fuel efficiency and ensuring vessels glide through the water with minimal resistance.

Cargo Transfers

Efficient and secure cargo transfers are essential for smooth maritime operations. Our cargo transfer services prioritize safety and precision, ensuring that goods are handled and transported with the utmost care, meeting industry standards and deadlines.

Work Boat Services

Our versatile work boat services provide reliable support for diverse marine operations. Whether it’s towing, anchor handling, or general assistance, our fleet of well-equipped work boats and experienced crews are ready to meet the demands of any project.

Opito Certified Riggers

Safety and expertise are the cornerstones of our Opito certified riggers. Highly trained and certified, our rigging professionals bring precision and reliability to lifting and rigging operations, adhering to industry standards and ensuring the utmost safety in every task.

Opito Certified Banksman

Our Opito certified banksman service adds an extra layer of safety to lifting operations. With a focus on effective communication and coordination, our certified banksmen play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and secure lifting activities, aligning with Opito’s rigorous standards.

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Colin Brown
Colin Brown
18. April, 2023
Very happy with the service and communication.
Carolyn McMenemie
Carolyn McMenemie
15. April, 2023
Excellent service very professional. Would highly recommend. David & Carolyn
David L Paterson
David L Paterson
1. April, 2023
Just the job
Jim Thomson
Jim Thomson
28. March, 2023
Great service, pleasure to deal with.
William Fergusson
William Fergusson
16. March, 2023
Excellent service, giving good feedback, prompt invoicing and can be contacted for a discussion if required. Generates trust, with good equipment that the work has been professionally carried out
Richard Waterhouse
Richard Waterhouse
16. March, 2023
Great service , easy quick communication with Kevin. Thanks. Seascape.
Simon Beeson
Simon Beeson
9. November, 2022
Great service, great communications. Thanks!
Gordon Stewart
Gordon Stewart
2. November, 2022
Mooring work all done in helpful and professional manner.
home troon
home troon
1. November, 2022
Kevin and his team laid my mooring last year, and it was so professionally done. Kmass have just completed this years winter service. As always great comms, excellent work and professional.