KMass Commercial Dive & Marine Team

KMass Commercial Dive & Marine Team

KMass Marine is an Oban based commercial dive team & have over 20 years combined in the offshore & inshore diving/marine industry.

KMass Marine

Experienced team of professionals specializing in commercial diving and marine operations.

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Discover KMass Marine Ltd, a seasoned Oban-based enterprise with 20+ years expertise in offshore and inshore marine services.

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Explore our comprehensive marine services: offshore and inshore diving, expert marine teams, and trusted advisory solutions.

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Underwater exploration, assessing marine ecosystems.

Opito Certified Riggers

Skilled, certified rigging professionals ensuring safety.


Wildcat is our 12m x 4m multicat workboat. The vessel has cat 3 workboat coding. Our boat can also be transported by road if required for any inland marine projects.

  • Multicats in the 12m-16m range are versatile workboats known for their adaptability in various marine operations.

  • Despite their relatively smaller size, these boats pack a powerful punch, equipped with the necessary machinery and capabilities for a wide range of tasks.

  • Designed for efficiency, Multicats in this size category excel in multitasking, often utilized for tasks such as towing, anchor handling, dredging support, and general support roles in ports and coastal areas.